Who we are


The Tea Cup Zone Inc. aims to provide you a brief background of the goodness and the health benefits their products can offer its clients.


The company’s trust of value for your money, affordability with quality for its client is an important mission for them. We want to establish a name in providing quality food snacks that is affordable in price, delicious in taste and healthy in quality.


Customers can partake of our delectable products. We have a variety of snacks and meal items to choose from.  We offer a wide spectrum of shakes and teas of your choice

Featuring variety of combinations of rice rolls, with tasteful choices of Taiwan food snacks, pasta breads, fillings, beef noodles, condiments or toppings and sauces, Tea Cup Zone Inc. offers a wide spectrum of various milk tea concoctions, fruit drinks & beverages, finger foods, pastas and salads, snacks.

Tea Cup Zone's primary customers are universities' students, white-collar class, office executives, professionals, expatriates and health conscious individuals with a middle class socio-economic status.


Affordable foods and delightful hehehhe love it! Give it a try.



Nice place. Food and drinks are terrific. Sulit!!!

I really love the milk tea and the rice roll as well.....for sure will come back for more!

I was again at Tea Cup Zone last week with three of my friends for them to have a

taste. They said everything

we ordered was yummy. I know they are coming back with their family members.


  9 Sampaguita, St. Villa Teresa Subdivision, Marulas,   Valenzuela City

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