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TEA CUP ZONE, INC. a domestic company formed by 5 partners whose aim is to be able to offer for public consumption healthy, delicious and affordable hot and cold beverages and meal snacks.


They started in the area of Valenzuela City catering for Asian students who are studying in the area of Our Lady of Fatima University. It has become the dining area for these students who are craving for their hometown cuisine.


Sometime last year, the managing director of the business, Anthony Benjie Fuentes search for places where they could expand the business. Since hot and cold beverages are very saleable in the university area, they thought of establishing Tea Cup Zone, Inc. in Valenzuela City.


The company’s trust of affordability with quality for the student is very important mission for them. They want to establish a name in providing quality food snacks that is affordable in price and delicious in taste.


The incorporators include hardworking Filipinos and Taiwanese businessmen that are willing invest their time and management skills in achieving the vision of the company.


Welcome to T-cup-zone! We are glad to have you with us.

Welcome to


We are glad to have you with us. You have now joined a team of dedicated, passionate and competitive team of Tea Cup Zone Inc. who share a common and objective – to build TCZI into a nationally respected and admired restaurant concept and company with exceptional quality, differentiation and value for our guests. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and want you to know that we recognize our employees as one of our most valuable resources. Our continued success in providing the highest quality of food, beverages and service to our customers depends on having quality people like yourself and your fellow employees. We want you to enjoy your time here and are committed to helping you succeed in your new job.


There are only three types of team members at TCZI: (1) those that serve our guests, (2) those that serve those who serve our guests and (3) those that make it possible for us to serve even more guests.


Wherever we work at Tea Cup Zone -- in our restaurants, home, office -- we are all linked together in our process of guest service. The only reason that Tea Cup Zone exists is to serve our guests. Accordingly, we have a mindset of absolute guest satisfaction at our Company.


At TCZI, we’re also working very hard not to be just another casual dining restaurant operation. There are literally thousands of casual dining chain restaurants in the today. Many of these “cookie cutter” restaurants have gradually become tired and worn out over the years. They’ve lost much of their energy, their points of differentiation and their overall relevance for the consumer. Their food and beverages have not remained current with the latest trends. Nor have they maintained good levels of quality in their recipes and ingredients. Their facilities have not evolved to remain contemporary. Their service levels are generally inattentive, slow and mediocre. In short, many of these restaurants have drifted “out of warranty” with today’s consumer. Maybe you previously worked at one of these restaurants and experienced this first-hand.


Now you are at TCZI! We actually want you to think differently here at TCZI. Think quality…quality…quality at TCZI in every detail. Our restaurant concept is fresh and contemporary, with high energy, and is often “the place

to be” in the communities that we serve. Our food and beverages are of high quality and are offered in a wide variety of menu items. Our signature products – rice roll, spaghetti bread– are well known and admired by consumers. Our restaurant facilities are considered among the best in all tea houses – with careful attention to high quality tea and coffee equipment, audio and visual capabilities, and all guest service areas. We probably use more technology in our restaurants than any of our competitors to help us deliver a “gold standard” dining experience to every guest. We want our guests to believe they are always receiving a high class dining experience at a very affordable price! As long as our guests believe that about TCZI, we’ll have a line of guests waiting when we open our doors every day.


At TCZI, we also feel strongly about integrity, respect and accountability. We must be honest at all times, treat others with respect and dignity, and honor our commitments and obligations to each other. Our word is our bond. High ethical and professional standards will drive every decision that we make and every action that we take. After all, we operate at the highest level of the American restaurant business – the public company restaurant business. We are held to higher standards at TCZI, and we will live up to them.


We hope to see you in Tea cup for your next dining experience. 



  9 Sampaguita, St. Villa Teresa Subdivision, Marulas,   Valenzuela City

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